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Children between 6 and 8 years

Get to know different sports and try out what you like best.


Sporting content

  • many small catching, tumbling and running games

  • concentration and perception

  • Motor skills, concentration and coordination

  • basic fitness suitable for children

  • Introduction to sporting techniques

  • Sports games/ party games


Acrobatics basics, gymnastics (forward roll/cycle/handstand/jump roll/etc.), dance, athletics (sprint, relay, long and high jump, throwing/pushing/slinging), rope skipping/juggling, ball sports (basketball, soccer , handball, floorball), racquet games (tennis, badminton), as well as many small catching, tumbling and running games.

Educational Content

  • healthy self-image

  • decisiveness

  • independence

  • willingness to help

  • teamwork

  • courtesy

  • respect

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