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Use the children's fitness concept online!

Service bei Kinder-Fit
Freude am Kindersport, modernes Sportkonzept

Use ready-made lesson plans online

Kindersportgruppe bei Kinder-Fit

Book your annual program
for every age range - you will be shown 4 sports hours per month!

modernes Sportkonzept für Kinder

Give your own courses or upgrade your sports lessons...

With the sports lessons of the current children's fitness concept, you have an easy job! 

Ideal for freelance course providers, primary and secondary school teachers or club trainers

  • 4 new lessons per month

  • current children's fitness concept

  • Simply prepared PDF files

  • also for new ideas to add for your current program

  • for viewing and retrieval on mobile phones

  • Simply log in at or with our app

  • Implement the lesson yourself as you wish

Would you like your course to be displayed on this website as well? Then takehere contact up to us!
Also use our brand (with many other advantages) and get started as a children's fit partner - click here!


Book your children's fitness subscription:
Select age range and off you go:

Simply use our proven success concept yourself online... 

  • Minis-Monats-Abo Konzept online

    Every month
    Monatlich 4 neue Sportstunden für Minis (4-6 Jahre) des Kinder-Fit Konzepts
  • Kids-Monats-Abo Konzept online

    Every month
    Monatlich 4 neue Sportstunden für Kids (6-9 Jahre) des Kinder-Fit Konzepts
  • Teens-Monats-Abo Konzept Online

    Every month
    Monatlich 4 neue Sportstunden für Teens (9-13 Jahre) des Kinder-Fit Konzepts

Die Laufzeit verlängert sich jeweils automatisch um einen weiteren Monat, sofern nicht vor Ablauf des Monats gekündigt wird. Die Kündigung ist jederzeit zum Monatsende online im Login-Bereich möglich.

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